KLEENEX® and SCOTT® Paper Towels with AIRFLEX* Advantage

The AIRFLEX* Advantage

Technologically advanced Paper Towel for superior hand drying and environmental benefits across our KLEENEX® & SCOTT® range.
Technology & Impact on Performance
Ordinary Paper Towels have tightly compressed Fibres which cause water to sit on top of the Towel, taking longer to absorb.
AIRFLEX* Paper Towels have specially spread fibres creating absorbency cells to quickly draw the water in.

KLEENEX® and SCOTT® Paper Towels with AIRFLEX* Advantage (Brochure)

SCOTT® Compact Hand Towel


SCOTT® Compact Hand Towel systems fits in tight  spaces that traditional hand towel dispensers cannot. The stylish modern dispensers provide touchelss hand drying for superior standards of hygiene. 
Hygiene/ Image
  • Compact dispensers are ideal for tight spaces and can he
    traditional towel dispensers placed where they‘re needed to encourage hand washing.
  • Only the towel used is touched for maximum hygiene.
  • Dispenser keeps towel clean and hygienic prior to use.
  • Stylish ABS plastic dispensers to enhance your facility.

Easy Maintenance

  • Viewing window allows easy checking of towel level for more
    efficient servicing.
  • Easy to load dispenser can be topped-up for lower maintenance
    and reduced risk of run outs.
  • Durable ABS dispenser cannot corrode and is easy to clean.
    standards of hygiene.

Cost Control

  • Towels dispense one sheet at a time, reducing waste and overuse.
  • Sheets dispense fully opened for effective drying and economy.
  • Dispensers are key lockable to deter pilferage and misuse, or
    snaplock for ease of servicing.

SCOTT® Compact Hand Towel (Brochure)

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