Nobla Liquid

Multipurpose Cleaner

Nobla liquid is all purpose liquid detergent designed for universal application. It is a
bright blue liquid which dissolves quickly and easily in hot or cold water quarantining
fast acting cleaning power. Nobla liquid quickly produces abundant long lasting lather
that rapidly emulsifies grease and shifts dirt which can be easily rinse a way. It is mild to
the hands and it powerful lathering action means added economy for your washing


  •  Fully biodegradable
  • Concentrated detergent thus economical in use
  • Neutral liquid safe and kind to hands and most surfaces
  • Rinse easily without leaving smears or streaks
  • Blend of powerful anionic and non ionic surfactants cut through grease, oily soils and
    dried deposits


Nobla Liquid (Product Manual)

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